We’ve driven $500m+ in repeat and recurring revenue for 100+ brands across all verticals and growth stages.

We transform ecommerce businesses to supercharge owned channels by emphasizing long-term loyalty, community building, and omnichannel experiences.

Incremental changes to repeat purchase rates. Tectonic changes to your bottom line.

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    Full-Funnel Lifecycle Management 

    Retention starts the second a prospective customer hits your site. We’re not your standard “email agency,” we build comprehensive, multi-channel retention programs.

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    Next-Generation Technology

    We’ve developed a dozen proprietary technology solutions you won’t find anywhere else and invested in 20+ emerging software solutions. We lead the industry in innovation. 

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    Building Durable Revenue

    Our time-tested approach centers long-term repeat revenue, durable businesses, and brand affinity for a strong ecommerce program — not a house of cards.

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    Attribution Driven Investments

    After a hefty acquisition cost, justifying major investments in retention can be challenging. With proprietary tech and dashboards, we see the impact of every dollar to drive real ROI. 

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    Data Driven & Brand-Centric Creative

    Balancing direct response goals with unique, scroll-stopping creative boosts revenue and builds memorable brands. Our data-driven process drives an average 30% KPI lift in the first 90 days.

Build and manage the heart and soul of your business with Enkore. We can step into one piece of your lifecycle marketing or manage everything end-to-end as a turnkey solution.

Email & SMS

Capture more subscribers, drive more sales, and build customer relationships that increase loyalty and CLTV with our full-funnel email and SMS marketing programs.

  • 01 — Automations & Campaigns
  • 02 — Calendar Management
  • 03 — Transaction Management
  • 04 — Technology Management
  • 05 — Post Click Experiences
  • 06 — Data-Driven Creative
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Program Management – Our Specialties

We transform ecommerce business models to supercharge owned channels and long-term loyalty. We specialize in conceptualizing and managing some of the most sophisticated loyalty and recurring revenue programs in the Shopify ecosystem.

01 — Subscription, Clubs, & Memberships

Our team has worked on 200+ subscription programs that collectively generate $1b+ in annual revenue. We actively manage your subscriber base to proactively cut churn and ramp CLTV. 

02 — Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Points-based programs typically don’t change behavior or drive incremental revenue. We focus on points-less rewards systems and unique loyalty programs that actually change outcomes. 

03 — Referral & Ambassador Programs

Launching an app with a Give $x / Get $y referral program isn’t going to cut it. We mask the referral mechanics with fun and engaging programs to ensure a consistently high engagement rate with your fans and partners.

04 — Subscription Churn Reduction

Leveraging AI-powered, proprietary technology, our lightweight churn reduction services proactively and reactively reduce active (customer initiated) and passive (CC failures) churn.

Turnkey Lifecycle Management

Enkore was built from the ground up to provide 360 customer lifecycle and retention marketing programs. We can round out your channels and loyalty programs with everything in between.

  • 01 — Fractional “Director of Retention” Services
  • 02 — Mobile Apps & Push Notifications
  • 03 — Direct Mail & Alternative Channel Management
  • 04 — Quizzes, Surveys, & Consumer Insights
  • 05 — Retention-Focused Digital Advertising
  • 06 — Onsite Personalization
  • 07 — CX Strategy
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Technology Partnerships

We work with 50+ technology partners for expedited support, customer discounts, and guidance on the latest trends and beta releases. In addition, we are active investors with a portfolio of 20+ commerce enablement tools, helping founding teams shape products that push the industry forward.